Whether you own or have rented a power washer, your deck will likely be one of the things you want to use it on during the spring or fall or other needed cleanups. While it may seem like a rather easy task, there are some things you need to think about before, during, and after you power wash your deck for the best results. No matter what your deck is made from, wood or a variety of elements, power washing done correctly can help add years to your deck.

The Cleaning Solution Should Do A Lot Of The Work

If you have the right cleaner, you don’t need to use an excess amount of force while power washing. There are all kinds of cleaners available for you to use, and there is no one right cleaner. It depends on what your deck is made of, whether or not you want environmentally friendly products used, and how dirty your deck really is.

Scrub your deck down with your cleaner before power washing it. This will help loosen the dirt and other embedded debris. Do not use a brush with natural bristles as many deck cleaning solutions will eat away at the natural bristles. You may want to add some water to the deck to make scrubbing easier; however, do not add a lot as you do not want to dilute the cleaner and reduce its ability to do its job.

Use The Power Washer Correctly

After you have scrubbed the deck down, you are now ready to use your power washer. Ensure you start the power washer facing away from the deck and anything that it may harm.

Point the tip of your washer to a 40 to 60 degree angle with the deck and begin sweeping back and forth starting with the side closer to the house. Any more of an angle and you can cause damage, and any less and it will be ineffective. The end of the stream will act as a broom would and push the debris away in segments.

Ensure you wash every area the same. No one area should be missed or over washed. This will provide a consistent look once the deck is finished.

In corners, do not point all of the stream at the deck, instead create an angle so that the majority of stream is touching the wall at an angle and some is touching the deck, then sweep the debris quickly out of the corner and push it away. You may want to wear safety gear, such as goggles, as corners can cause spray back.

Once done, let the deck dry before you put away the power washer. Decks can look clean when wet, but there may be imperfections that are only visible when the deck is dry.

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